DUC to deny students exam over penalty fee

It remains a mystery why all of a sudden Dominion University College hold the view that shelving decision to increase students outfox on campus will uplift their image.

In fact, it has been a hectic and enigmatic term for many aimed students on campus where management continue to put students destiny at an abrupt halt.

Management erroneously hold the assumption that students outwit them by using their fees for their pocket thereby by keeping them inoperable in their work, which is an obvious untruth.

Second and without gainsaying the most weary hours on campus is the desire for management to use authoritative decisions on students. Most of the managers are work-shy and not inclined to consider any constructive suggestions from students. They tend to resort to themselves alone thinking, that is less tedious.

Students still are in dilemma to know why managers don’t involve their representative or secretly implement sudden policies without the courtesy to notify the wonderful school students.

I have been following with mounting interest some students view about the current disarray. They say managers are to be blamed for the present narrative of majority of students not happy with the shool.

The problem of discrimination among policies is also affecting students psychologically. Even at the frantic effort made by students to fund the sudden increment of fees, management still demands penalty for late payment of fees before students will be allowed in the impending exams slated on 10th December 2018.

Students woes continue to spiral out of control after SRC have been in touch with several management directors to plead for mercy to allow students write the exam but looks as if their pleading for mercy is like pin-pricks to those wicked management. They responded with detailed instructions over how a deal that just a few months ago seemed impossible become a reality.

As a gesture of goodwill management should make a public statement their rashness in leaving the norm that guides leniency payment of students fees, a move that would calm wary students.

By: Ibrahim Mohammed Kabenla/ apfmonline.com

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