Historic DUC Tescon Branch meet members

Determine moment of history hit Dominion University College as the newly formed New Patriotic Party (NPP) Tescon executives meet its members to congratulate them on the association formed.

The DUC Tescon came into being not long ago under a relinquish atmosphere of the Students Representative Council (SRC) headed by Mr. John K Gabulja who also sits in as the President of DUC Tescon association.

Records continue to tumble around the Action students as the bar of individual and collective excellence is raised in each passing campaign. Dominion University College was not among the Tescon family in most recent outing but with their optimistic SRC President, a petition was made and has been granted.

Their talismanic President is now one step closer to the second continental crown of his remarkable career. This will specifically come into play after the group has gone for induction at the party office.

Felix Atta Akyea, who has assumed the familiar role of Public Relations Officer (PRO) in the Tescon executive position, commenced the meeting in the absence of his President John, by introducing the executives and some benefits as a Tescon member. Members of the house applauded Hon Felix for being able to control proceedings in the absence of the President.

Reserved John K Gabulja, who believed to be entangled in a web of another meeting with the school authorities showed up shortly to grasp his wonted role from Felix Atta Akyea.

President soon added to the P.R.O’s comments that one key reason why there are Tescon groups is to train people to fill vacancies for leadership. Because when the old ones go out, it will be difficult to get replacement when people are left ajar without intensive training.

“The party believes that it has to start training people for leadership. We all know that as human beings we are ageing, and ones you are growing and you don’t plan a new thing, it means that when the old ones are out of the system, it will be difficult for you to have a youth for that particular investment” told the packed Tescon members and remained comfortable thereafter.

The President’s moment of inspiration helped the Tescon meeting have a shaky hour to fluently display and sew up a clinical finish of the Dominion University College Tescon Branch meeting.

Members were asked to raise suggestions and ideas at the end of the meeting.

Meanwhile the DUC Tescon Branch will be having their inauguration at the party office on 3rd December 2018, 4pm prompt. President urged all, particularly members to be punctual and that will attest to their seriousness.

By: Ibrahim Mohammed Kabenla./ apfmonline.com

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